Academic program

Multicorpos  offers academic packages in order to meet the teaching and research applications in universities, contributing to the learning of the simulation tools and the training of future professionals for the national industry. The academic packages cost a fraction of the software supplied for the professional market.

There are packages without costs for competition teams (Formula, Baja, AeroDesign, Mileage, etc.).


VI-GRADE offers the following academic packages with discount on the list price:

VI-grade Aerospace University Package

    • VI-Aircraft (5 licenses)
    • VI-Tire (5 licenses)
    • VI-grade General Products
    • VI-Animator A
    • VI-grade Automotive University Package
    • VI-Car RealTime (5 licenses)
    • VI-Car RealTime interface to ADAMS/Car
    • VI-SportsCar
    • VI-Road
    • VI-Tire
    • VI-SuspensionGen
  • VI-Driver MaxPerformance

VI-grade motorcycle University Package

    • VI-MotorCycle (5 licenses)
  • VI-BikeRealTime (5 licenses)

The competition is based on the use of VI-Motorsport, interactive simulation environment of VI-Grade for modeling and vehicle dynamics analysis. All registered teams have full access to simulation software. The winning team receives two VI-Motorsport licenses.