Adams/Car Baja/Formula (ADM742)

MSC.Adams/Car is the most used multibody dynamics software in the automotive industry. Utilizing MSC.Adams/Car, engineers can build and evaluate several vehicle configurations and optimize its performance. The suspension kinematics and the load distribution can be analyzed under conditions similar to the actual traffic conditions in which the vehicle is used.

If your team intends to use an engineering tool that allows the construction of fully parameterized and modularized vehicle models to be used in the optimization of vehicle performance, please contact us to get more information about this course.


  • Introduction to MSC.Adams/View
  • Description of user modes and data hierarchy
  • Overview of database hierarchy (templates, subsystems and assemblies)
  • Concepts of subsystems and assemblies (subsystems and complete vehicles)
  • Creation of new suspension and vehicle models
  • Creation of specific maneuver events using the driving machine
  • Definition of conditions for performing suspension and full vehicle simulations
  • Tire models for handling and durability analysis
  • Carrying out of suspension and full vehicle simulations
  • Creation of plot configuration files
  • Good practices in the construction of fully parameterized vehicle models
  • Construction and modification of templates
  • Creation and modification of different types of bodies
  • Learning how to use communicators
  • Creation of virtual measures
  • Creation and modification of property files
  • Creation and modification of vehicle elements, such as springs, dampers, bushings and bump stops
  • Overview about how to build flexible bodies


  • It is recommended general knowledge about automotive concepts (vehicle dynamics, suspension design, etc)