Adams/Vibration (ADM720)

This course is intended for users who want to perform frequency-domain analysis. Using Adams/Vibration, you can study forced vibrations within the Adams model at isolated instances. The results from Adams/Vibration can be used in noise/vibration/harshness (NVH) studies.


  • Defining the input channels from which you will actuate (shake) the model: Kinematics (Disp., Vel., and Accel.), Force, State Variables.
  • Working through examples that demonstrate each available option for actuating the system: Swept sine, PSD, Rotating Mass, User-defined.
  • Defining the output channels from which to analyze the simulation.
  • Performing vibration analysis in batch mode using Python.
  • Vibration analysis of modeling containing flexible bodies.
  • Using Desing Evaluation to minimize frequency response
  • Brief section on theory


ADM701 – Complete Multibody Dynamics Analysis with Adams, ADM704A – Advanced Parametrics, Design Sensitivity, and Optimization using Adams/View