Introduction to SimXpert FE Workspaces (SMX101)

SMX101 is the introductory course for new SimXpert users. Students will master the basic skills required to use SimXpert in typical MCAE applications. A brief introduction to building and running templates is also included. SMX101 emphasizes practical skills development through comprehensive, hands-on laboratory sessions. Students will learn to build analysis models using SimXpert, define material properties, create boundary conditions, apply loads, and submit their job for analysis and postprocess results.


  • Take a model through the complete design and analysis cycle
  • Learn graphics manipulation, imaging, and viewing techniques
  • Import geometry and manipulate it in SimXpert
  • Practice using different meshing techniques
  • Learn how to verify and check the quality of a finite element model
  • Use Parts and Groups to control subsets of your model
  • Record a Macro, edit and replay
  • Interrogate and Modify your Finite Element Model


A basic knowledge of statics and strength of materials is recommended.