VI-Drivesim Dynamic Simulator (DiM)


VI-SimCenter is the new VI-grade’s technical center for driving simulator technology. Located in Tavagnacco (Udine, Italy) at the VI-grade Italian premises, VI-SimCenter, that occupies an area of 250sqm, currently features two driving simulators from the VI-DriveSimproduct line: one static (with a fixed platform) and one dynamic with a moving platform based on the DiM (Driver-in-Motion) architecture.

The moving platform machine represents the most recent trends in automotive human-in-the-loop simulation thanks to its innovative kinematics, resembling the dynamics of a real car. The same top-class simulation engines for graphics and physics are used on all three machines. Race car as well as passenger cars cockpits are available.

The customer is given the option of driving (or race) with the presence of multiple cars in the scene, driven by other drivers physically present in the VI-SimCenter or by robotic driver programs such as VI-Driver. The telemetry data related to each driver session are stored automatically so that they can be later reviewed by drivers, track engineers and designers.
VI-DriveSim Static
The VI-SimCenter entrance showcases multiple projectors which are broadcasting active simulation sessions or replaying previous ones, offering to its guests a comprehensive virtual immersion in the world of professional driving.

The VI-grade long-term experience in automotive simulation, together with the highly professional engineering skills of all involved VI-grade partners, makes the VI-SimCenter a unique solution for the demands of the current international professional driving simulation scenario.

Moreover, a virtual driving school is currently being launched, with the purpose of educating the drivers on how to react to dangerous road conditions or traffic situations.