The aerospace industry faces great challenges to design, test and build its products on-time and on-budget increasingly restricted. Moreover this sector deals with engineering products of high technical complexity which also must meet the strictest security and performance requirements.

In this context, the CAE tools become fundamental to help the aerospace industry to save time, reduce design cycles and, at the same time, to ensure the necessary and essential accuracy for its products.

Multicorpos relies on a technical team qualified to meet the aerospace industry needs in the following types of simulations:

  • Modeling & failure analysis of conventional and composite materials
  • Fatigue life prediction of structures
  • Impact and crash studies
  • Dynamic analysis of landing gears and other mechanical systems, including the possibility to perform co-simulation involving control of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Multicorpos is reseller of the world’s most advanced CAE software packages. We offer the best solutions in engineering simulation to assist the aerospace industry to reduce development time and to get the best end-product performance.
We also provide specialized technical support and a comprehensive program of training in the CAE tools we represent.

Failure analysis
Modal analysis
Internal and external loads
Controls and Systems Simulation
Controls and Systems Simulation

Aircraft dynamics analysis

Stress analysis
Stress analysis