Multicorpos  has been assisting the automotive industry in Europe, the United States, and Brazil for nearly two decades to overcome the new challenges with which this sector frequently deals. We provide CAE software solutions, training courses, engineering services and specialized technical consulting in the product conceptualization stages, as well as in the identification of field problems and in the proposition of corrective actions.

We work in the following knowledge areas of the automotive industry:

Virtual vehicle dynamics:

  • Elastokinematic analysis of suspension systems
  • Lateral dynamics analysis
  • Ride analysis
  • Real-time vehicle simulations

Vibration analysis of subsystems:

  • Vibration transmissibility of engine mounts
  • Performance evaluation of cabin suspension systems
  • Modal analysis of vehicles
  • Experimental identification of modal parameters

Structural durability:

  • Load cascading through simulations using virtual models of vehicle and road profiles
  • Road load determination using vehicle data acquisition during tests in special tracks, urban roads, highways and off-road tracks
  • Linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Impact and crash studies
  • Fatigue life prediction of structures

Suspension system analysis

Suspension system analysis

Lateral Dynamics

Lateral Dynamics  

Ride and Comfort Analysis

Vibration transmissibility of engine mounts
Stress calculation in dynamic conditions
Modal analysis of vehicles
Real time simulation

Virtual prediction of vehicle road loads 

Determination of road loads using vehicle data acquisition

Modal analysis of cabin suspension systems

Stress calculation in dynamic conditions