Business: Urban Passenger Transport

Challenge: Dynamic behavior analysis of passenger cars of Construcciones y Auxiliar Ferrocarriles (CAF) S.A. – Train CAF 2000 Series – CPTM.

Solution: The behavior of secondary suspension (3 and 4 points) was evaluated through the modeling and analysis of the passenger car in MSC.ADAMS/Rail. The pneumatic system was modeled and analyzed using MSC.ADAMS/Rail and MSC.ADAMS/Easy5. The model has considered all nonlinearities of the train, such as bushings stiffness, springs, thermodynamic model of the air suspension, height leveling system, wheel-rail contact model. It was evaluated the static and dynamic behavior of the vehicle under the operating conditions most critical for the secondary suspension control settings with 3 and 4 points. This evaluation was conducted through the carrying out of simulations of operating conditions and maneuvers defined by standards.

Value: Identification of factors that induce the vehicle derailment; analysis of possible improvements.