Multibody System Dynamics

Through the multibody systems modeling technique, it is possible to represent virtually the working of mechanical systems in their operational conditions, enabling the analysis of the dynamics of moving parts and evaluations of load and stress distribution in the system components when in operation.

Multicorpos Engenharia uses the Adams solution as computational tool, which is the software of multibody dynamics most used by the main product development centers.

We have experience in the service providing using this methodology in several applications, such as:

  • Elastokinematics analysis of suspension systems
  • Vehicle lateral dynamics analysis
  • Vehicle ride comfort analysis
  • Modal analysis of full vehicle models
  • Vibration analysis of engine mounts
  • Analysis of cabin suspension systems
  • Load cascading analysis
  • Simulation of railway vehicle dynamics
  • Dynamics and stress analysis of mechanisms, machines and equipments
  • Simulation of underwater systems for oil extraction