Multicorpos performs studies to evaluate the dynamics of freight and passenger rail vehicles through the modeling and virtual simulation techniques and in accordance with the requirements of the standards AAR Chapter XI, UIC518 and EN14363.

The carrying out of experimental activities is also present in our portfolio. We have experience in the preparation of several measurement procedures, in the execution of field tests to identify modal parameters needed to validation of mathematical models and in the evaluation of the vehicle dynamics during traffic in permanent way.

Our technical team also has large skill in numerical modeling by finite element method applied to the structural behavior evaluation of typical components of the railway industry products.

Modal analysis of full vehicle models

 Analysis of railway wagon dynamics

 Experimental identification of modal parameters

 Analysis of the dynamics of railway compositions

 Traction and braking analysis of railway compositions

 Influence of couplers on the vehicle dynamics in small radius curves

Parametric sensitivity analysis

 Simulation of traffic on railroad switches

Characterization of railway components
Field tests
Field tests