Structural Analysis (FEA)

By the use of computational tools for structural calculation, Multicorpos can predict the mechanical behavior of components, systems and structures before the building of prototypes, which allows for the evaluation of the influence of several parameters and alternatives, aiming for the achievement of products with high quality, strength, durability and light weight.

To this end, Multicorpos relies on skilled professionals in the using of several commercial tools based on the finite element method, such as:

  • MSC Software: MSC Nastran, Marc, Dytran, Patran, SimXpert, Apex;
  • Dassault Systèmes Abaqus: Abaqus/CAE, Standard e Explicit;
  • Altair Hyperworks: HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperStudy, Optistruct e Radioss;
  • LSTC: LS-Dyna e LS-PrePost;

Such tools are applied in the performing of many types of analysis, such as modal, linear and nonlinear static, frequency response, implicit and explicit transient (crash, impact, vehicle safety and so on), fatigue and optimization.

Throughout Multicorpos’s history, works of several types and applications were carried out, among which are:

  • Analysis of complete vehicle (automobile, off-road and buses);
  • Analysis of subsystems and components (suspensions, dampers, doors, powertrain mounting brackets and so on);
  • Analysis of plastic parts (interior components, such as panel, coatings and consoles, and exterior components, such as bumpers, lanterns and airfoil);
  • Elastomeric material analysis (bushings and pads)
  • Explicit analysis in accordance with the ECE-R29 standard (structural strength of commercial vehicle cabin) and ECE-R14 standard (seat belt assembly anchorages);
  • Analysis of ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) for agricultural tractors, mining and military vehicles according to the ISO 3471, ISO 5700, ASAE S519, FMVSS 216 and so on;
  • Components of the Oil & Gas industry (riser coupling system).